Not getting a burn now

Thought I’d better start a new thread because I sovled the drive letter reversed thanks to cosg.

I now seem to have a NERO configuration problem. Everytime I use it NERO asks where to copy the image.nrg file. Put on Desktop and when I clicked on it NERO opened back up and went through the same dialog on where to save it. As it turns out it was not copying to the DVD RW but only to the desktop. The burner never even turned during this process.

OK! Peeling the onion. Opened Explorer and clicked on the DVD RW drive H: and it has all the files that I have been trying to burn to a CD saying they are Files Ready to Be Written to the CD. How do I get them to write? They say they are on the DVD drive H:

I right clicked one of the files and it gave me an option to copy them to the CD but that opened the Windows CD copier, which on my computer is Roxio sw. It burned to the CD and it is readable so I at least proved that the burner was working, no thanks to NERO.

Anyone got any ideas what have not configured in NERO that would cause this?

O.K. let’s try the basics.
Open Nero, make a new project and look at the toolbar ar the top.
About half way across you will see a white box with “Image Recorder” in it, press the little arrow next to it and you should see your burner listed below, select that and try to burn your compilation (or anything) again.
Hopefully this should actually burn to the disc.

Let me know if it dosen’t work :slight_smile:

Opened NERO 5.5 and the box you refer to says “Image Recorder [CD-R/RW]”. I do not have anything else listed below that. Looked at NERO options and didn’t see anywhere to add a device. I did a CD this morning using Easy Creater 7 Basic, bundled with my drive. When I tried NERO was before I installed C7B. Thanks for your input, got any other sugestions. It is old sw but has been working well on CD before changing the burner to NEC 3520A yesterday.

Getting ready to go out of town for Mother’s Day so may be slow getting back to you but I will get on my son’s Fassstttttt computer internet connection and have some fun in a couple of days. Mine is a dial up because we are rural and satellite is toooooo expensive.

If Nero cannot see it, but CD Creator can, then it might be that your version of Nero is too old for your burner (you didn’t say the make and model, so I can’t confirm).
Have a look here on Nero’s site to see if your burner is listed and what version you need.