Not ever NEC america knows when the 3530/3540 will be available in the US!



here’s the email

We don’t know the if or when. No one will tell us.

Maurice Cobo
NEC Solutions America, Inc. OEM Technical Support.
Telephone: 1-801-401-1466

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when will the 3540 and/or the 3530 be available in the USA?

this sucks


Maybe they plan to make a 3550 that will be sold only in USA. =) It wouldn’t suprise me a bit. =)


I got 3530 from Dell for my new Dell XPS PC. I originally got Philips but, I called them and they sent me NEC ND-3530. So obviously 3530 is available to OEM’s.


I emailed NEC US, newegg and zipzoomfly last week. Got a reply only from zzf.

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Dear zevia:

Thank you so much for your suggestion. I already passed your comment to our Purchasing Manager. But still no answer yet; therefore, I do not believe that we are going to carry this model at this time. Please do shop with us in the future. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to either E-mail, or call me @ x3306.

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i sent emails to newegg and zipzoomfly no answer.


Yeah. I got the same thing. “We currently have no release date”. :frowning:

I am not going to get the 3540 now. All I care about is DVD DL and now that the 3520 can do both +R/-R DL, I dont need the 3540. SInce newegg is selling the 3520 for 40 bux, figured I might as well just get it.

I will worry about faster speeds when the 4550 comes out later.




Yeah. Here is some info on it.


why don’t you just order it online from europe?


I emailed and so far it’s not bounced so hopefully someone will see it and respond. You can import the 3540 from Obviously it’s a little more expensive than in the US taking into account that the UK gets ripped off with prices (No such rebate schemes over here) plus the shipping of course. Looks like the Benq 1640 will get there first.




then it’s the 1640 for me


I decided to pay the extra $5 - $10 bucks for international shipping. Cost me $79 total to have it shipped to my door from the U.K. and took 1 week exactly for me to receive it. I went with the 3540 because NEC seems to have better “aftermarket” firmware support, (Ex. - Liggy & Dee, T.D.B., etc.), and it supports DVD-R DL, whereas the 1640 does not, (not sure if I will ever use DVD-R DL, but having the option is nice).


Can someone explain the basic differences between the 3540/30 or tell me where to go to find the reviews, thank you


1640 supports DVD-R DL. :rolleyes:


Ah, I stand corrected, pre-release of the drive, DVD-R DL was not listed in their specifications,… now it is… 4x DVD-R DL…


Order a new Dell and you will have one! LOL


Hi :wink:

For 3530a

For 3540a


Is NEC is coming out with a new set of heads and controllers based on LG-Hitachi’s “Super-Multi” spec, or will they be using LG-HLT components?

I’m curious because if they’re licensing the LG-HLT head/controller hardware, then the 4550 will be missing the PI/PIF capability that the latest NEC drives have gotten. None of the current LG drives have the capability. It also seems unlikely that the LG will be fielding a drive with that capability any time soon, as we would have at least seen rumours to the effect in the LG forum by now if they were.


Just got an NEC 3530 as replacement from Dell for my Phillips drive.