Not enough space

I recently ran into something new. I tried to make a backup copy of a pre-recorded music cd that is 80.1 min. long and about 800 megs. When I insert the blank I get a message that it is not big enough. It is a standard 700meg\80 min Memorex disc. Do they make bigger blanks or what. Thanks in advance.

They make blanks up to 99 mins. To burn things this size though your burner has to support it as well.

Just one thing: many media >80min is crappy media. Be sure you find some good discs if you value your data. Especially the “outer rings” of discs are quite error-prone, and when the density gets higher, the chance on errors increases quite a lot…

Thank you both for that reply. I will seek out a good quality large capacity blank disc. And thank you for this great resource.

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Do they make bigger blanks or what.
Yes, it’s business as usual. The modern CD capacity is in avarage 2-3 min more.

! As for “Not enough space”, what software do you use ?

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many media >80min is crappy media.
I’m not quite sure what you mean by that.

I am using Nero Burning Rom ver. bundled.

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I am using Nero Burning Rom ver. bundled.
Well, I don’t know whether it helps you or not, but at least can give you a clue :

nero says image won’t fit onto cd, but it clearly should

overburning bug

Just a follow up- I figured out that I did not have overburn enabled in my Nero software (sorry, I’m a little new at this). I was then able to copy the disc onto a standard size cdr. In spite of all kinds of dire warnings from Nero about overburning. Thanks for all the help.