Not enough space?

hope you can help…
Ive tried to burn DVDs disk-to-disk on-the-fly using Nero and get the same message every time…there is not enough space on this disk, insert other media. The disks are Bulkpaq orange and are blank!If I use DVD Shrink then I can copy the disk and I can also burn cds on-the-fly. Im reading from a Samsung SM304b and writing with an Opterite DD0201.Ive updated the firmware on each,but Im still clueless…:confused: My pcs scratch built running XP Home/512 mb ram/2x120Gb HDDs/AthlonXP 2600 processor. Thanks for your time .

It’s another famous bug in Nero.
You couldn’t burn discs of around 695 MB. I wonder how you can program that and release it without noticing (are we beta testers?). :confused: (I think it is) is fixed, althought I would back to old versions (like - 8.2) if the drive is supported.

I’m having the same problem with Nero 6… keeps tellin me my 2 1.7 gig files won’t fit on a 4.7gig DVD-R

little help?

I got a LiteOn 451S and am using a ATI All in Wonder Radeon to capture.

:confused: I upgraded Nero and tried on-the-fly burning again but still got the same error message. Nero only seems to recognise blank DVDs as 4.38GB instead of this the problem? I have however been able to burn asmaller disc on-the-fly (2.5 GB) with no problems, so Im getting somewhere.As for being beta testers, I thought that was a Microsoft speciality:p

They sc***w up we report all known bugs,problem
is allegedly fixed in next release. They sc***w up yet again and
we report all new bugs it’s a never ending story.
Welcome to the BETA testing world.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

[B][COLOR=red]"…to deceive…enveigle…obfuscate…bless em the world of beta testings fine if you`re technically inclined ,but the limit of my technical knowhow is correctly folding the new cornflakes packaging(at a push!).Am I old-fashioned in thinking that what you pay for should be what you get and it should do “what it says on the tin” ?..
Remember "the truth is out there…"we just dont know where it is

Just an update… I upgraded Nero 6 to the latest version ( I think or whatever it is) and I can now burn a full 4.7 Gb DVD…

Copied my first DVD yesterday in fact and it plays great :slight_smile: