Not enough space on DVD

I`m trying to copy a DVD(not a commercial one, but my own DVD) but it says not enough space. Are there any suggestions? :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=deezalboy;2461907][B]I`m trying to copy a DVD(not a commercial one, but my own DVD) but it says not enough space. Are there any suggestions?[/B] :)[/QUOTE]

Please provide more specifics. What program(s) are you using to decrypt and copy the commercial DVD? Is the commercial DVD dual layer and is your blank DVD the same? If you’re trying to copy dual layer content onto a single layer DVD you will get the error message you saw. In that case you’ll need to either split the original into two parts and copy it onto two DVDs, or use something like DVDShrink or DVD Rebuilder to squeeze (compress) the original so it will fit onto a single layer DVD. I believe Nero will also do this.

[B]Thank you it`s not a commercial dvd.[/B]

My guess is that you are trying to copy a dual layer disc into a single layer one.

Can you provide some more details about the original disc? What is total file size? Did you try to use a DL disc?

[B]Thank You, i`m trying DVD Fab. let you know how it goes [/B] :slight_smile:

Are you trying to copy a DVD -R to a DVD +R by any chance? A single layer -R disk has a tiny bit more room on it, and can hold 4.384mb compared to 4.378mb on a single layer +R disk.

I wouldn’t suggest burning right to the edge with either type though.

[QUOTE=deezalboy;2461939][B]Thank you it`s not a commercial dvd.[/B][/QUOTE]

Sorry, my bad. :o

[B]Im trying to copy this dvd i bought onto another dvd. I tried Clone DVD and it said the burn was successful but it wont play on my computer burner[/B].

If the dvd is not commercially made, and therefore has no encryption, you can do a simple copy using ImgBurn.

ImgBurn is a free burning program, found here:
Start ImgBurn and click on [I]Create image file from disc[/I]. What you are doing here is making an ISO file of the entire disk you want to copy. The ISO file is saved to the hard drive, and once there you can start ImgBurn again and click [I]Write image file to disc[/I]. Import the ISO file you just made, set your burn to a moderate speed (8x usually works for desktop burners) and use good quality disks, like Verbatim.

This process should work for any non-encrypted disk that you have.

[B]If there is not enough space on the disc does Imgburn have provision for that? [/B]

It is possible to “overburn” a disc (i.e. write on the disc an amount of data slightly larger than the nominal capacity of the disc itself), but this is not recommended.

The best option is to use a dual layer disc, so you have to do no changes to the original files :wink:

Simply use ImgBurn as suggested by Kerry and make an ISO file from the original and then burn the ISo on a new disc :slight_smile:

[B]Thank You geno888. What is a dual layer disc, does that mean it`s able to burn on both sides? [/B] :slight_smile:

A double layer disk has two dye layers on one side of the disk. It is not flipped over to burn on the other side. The only brand of DL media that is reliable enough for us to recommend is Verbatim. Use +R DL disks.

A DL +R Verbatim disk will hold about 7.9gb worth of data. ImgBurn is an excellent burning program for this particular task by the way, since it will set the layer break correctly.

I still don’t think it should be necessary. If the disk you have is not commercially made, and is presently on a single layer dvd, it should be possible to burn it to a blank single layer dvd.

[B]Thank You i`ll check it out. [/B] :bigsmile: