"Not enough space on Drive C"

I knew I didn’t have much space on Drive C, that’s why I didn’t install the program there but it’s still looking there for space. Is there some setting I can change to have it use space on another drive instead?

I take it that now it saying not enough space when you start to copy a DVD? Well to fix that you need to go into common settings- General and change the Temporary directory to another drive.

Hi lefunt

Just to add to GJ’s good advice, you can free upp some space on your C drive by running the Disk Cleanup utility that is found on the start menu under [B]->[/B] All Programs [B]->[/B] Accessories [B]->[/B] System Tools [B]->[/B] [B]Disk Cleanup.[/B]
Just put a check mark in each box :smiley:
You do know that you should always keep at least 15% of your HDD as free space for your system to run properly when you fall below that % rate your system can become very slow and even crash or freeze up on you :eek:

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In addition to StormJumper’s advice there is also another option when using Disk Cleanup. This is only if you have System Restore turned on and [B]only for those who know what they’re doing.[/B]
If you know your system is in good shape and you will not need to restore your system to a previous state you can click on the [B]More[/B] tab. Then you will see a tab that will delete all restore points except the most recent. This can give you GB’s of free space if you have never done this before.