Not enough space on disk?

Just been trying to burn some avi files to a standard DVD.
Nero transcode in Nero vision 4 ( using automatically fit to disk.

When it comes to burn to an empty DVD+RW (nero itself states that the disk is 4.48 GB of free space) the 3.7gb produced dvd it then comes up with "not enough space on DVD please insert larger capacity DVD)

WTF?? It does this with various disks not just one including brand new disks

Anyone else had this problem with Nero 7??


This is the indication that wither your hard drive is fragmented or you do not have enough free space in your hard drive, also try to deactivate some of the programs that are working in the background in order to free some system memory.

I am running tune up utilities 2007 and its telling me my HD’s are not fragmented.
I have free space of 77.4Gb and 49.5 GB on the two Hard drives and I have 3Gb of RAM available (well 2.3Gb free)

I updated to latest version of Nero 7 which has stopped the above problem, but still avi audio is all to cock.