Not enough space on disc?

I’ve trying to use Nero’s Recode V2.2.6.17 which is part of the software that came with my burner (Memorex 16X DL) that I purchased some time ago. I have been using a combo of DVDFab Decrypter V3.0.8.0., DVD Shrink V3.2.0.15, and Nero’s burning software to burn an ISO file to disc. Aside from the DVD Shrink recoding process taking a long time it’s worked very well for quite some time now with no complaints. Recently Nero’s Recode was brought to my attention by way of an iPod (30GB) video player that I purchased for my daughter and I needed a way to shrink and convert existing DVD movies to mpeg4 to play on her iPod which again has worked very well using Nero’s Recode.

I’ve read on various forums that Nero’s Recode works faster and with better picture quality to shrink DVD’s so I thought I’d give it a try. The first time I totally screwed up (not sure what I did) and somehow I altered a newly decrypted movie file on my HD and I was unable to recode or shrink this file to DVD size so I bailed out on this attempt and started from scratch.

So with a newly decrypted file I utilized Nero’s Recode again and this time it appears to have worked well (much faster too) with one exception. Now when I attempt to burn the Nero .nrg image file, the Nero software indicates that there isn’t enough room on the DVD disc, 4,484 MB (4,702,371,840 bytes) needed, and 4,482 MB (4,700,372,992 bytes) available on my new Memorex DVD+R blank disc.

What went wrong on this attempt?, and what can I do in the future to prevent this from happening again?, are there Nero Recode default options I could change to shrink the files a little smaller to fit on a standard DVD blank disc?

Thank you for your help.

What appears to have happened is that Recode has shrunk it to fit a DVD-R disc which is 4488mb as against the 4482mb of a DVD+R disc.

I guess the solution is to use a custom setting of , say, 4470mb.

BTW I’d go for something better than Memorex 16x media. Memorex is of questionable & variable quality these days. I’d use Verbatim +R if I was you.

The “shrink” size showing on the Nero Recode software is 4470 MB where it shows content, duration, size (4470MB), and video quality at 68.6%. So one would think the default size for DVD-5 would accomiodate this setting, or is the - in DVD-5 not matching up to the 4470MB size? I’m confused.

Until it actually does the recoding the size shown is an estimate. I use DVD Shrink & that’s never got it wrong for me yet and with deep analysis the results have always been good.

I have used DVD Shrink as well and I have also gotten excellent results with no DVD coasters. When I researched DVD Shrink VS Nero Recode most (if not all) of the comments and/or reviews I have seen choosing Nero Recode over DVD Shrink have been very positive indicating faster speed and a slight edge on quality. It’s more the speed that caused me to give it a go, and I have to say even though my first attempt was a bust (too large to burn by 2MB) Nero Recode was significantly faster, cut the entire process time in half! So with that said and I try it again (which I will) I’ll just undercut the estimated burn size by enough to factor in an estimated 5 or 10% and I should be good to go. I would have thought that Nero would have taken the available burn size into consideration on a DVD+ VS DVD- disc and made it almost idiot proof for a guy like me.

Thanks for your input!