'Not enough space' notification with px-w5224TA and Nero 5.5 and 52x cd's


I recently bought the plextor px-w5224TA and until yesterday I did not encounter any problems with it.
However, I tried to burn just 100 MB on a 700 MB cd (Philips, 52x). It did not work. I got the message from NERO:
“There is not enough space to burn this compilation onto this medium. Please insert another medium that provides more space”
Strikingly, the old 48x Philips cd’s did work properly. I tried to solve this:
-I updated my 5.5 Nero to (did not help)
-I updated the plextor firmware (did not help)
-Other cd: Verbatim, did work properly (48 speed)

Anyone knows more about this problem?

Read the disc with DVDInfo or another utility to get the ATIP info. It may be that the particular disc is being read incorrectly and the drive sees less than 700MB.

Thanks for the tip.
I checked the info of the blank CD with InfoTool.exe (provided by Nero). Results:
-Type: blank CD-r
-capacity: n/a
-medium info: Ritek. CD-R, 79:59:70

Strange it says it doesn’t know the capacity, but it does know the CD can record 80 minutes. Maybe it does not recognize the cd properly. But what can I do about this?

Have you installed any software with hide CD-R media features such as CloneCD, Alcohol, etc.? Please disable these because it can interfere with how blank discs are recognized by your burner.

Nope, I didn’t install any of these programs, so this shouldn’t be a problem.
By the way: I installed the demo version of Nero 6.
Now, the same cd works fine. No problems at all.
However, it is a demo version and works for 5 days. Nero 5.5 including the latest update, just doens’t work. I reported my problems to NERO. I hope they really do something with it…

Are you sure you were running the latest version of Nero 5.5? There was a bug in a certain Nero 5.5 build that caused the software not to record 700MB compilations. I thought that bug was in v5.5.10.50.