Not enough space for writing process

Hi, I just downloaded Battlefield 2 and when I try to mount the game and run it with daemon tools, an error message pops up saying “Please ensure Battlefield 2 Install Disc is in the drive, select OK and restart the application.” So I opened up Alcohol 120% and clicked on image burning wizard in an attempt to make the BF2 file into a CD so I try to burn the ISO file but it says “Not enough space for writing process”. So my question is, how do you make it so that I can burn it? It is the DVD version and I only have blank CDs.

p.s. if anyone knows how to fix the BF2 error, thatll be great.

Don’t expect any support here for downloaded games!

whatre you talking about? this forum is filled with topics like this.

@ wafflehead

Read this. :cop: