Not enough free space on drive c:




I’ve done a fair amount of searching these forums for a solution to my problem and have not been successful at finding anything yet.

I recently started using dvdfab platinum with good success in backing up dvd’s with the “full disc” option at dvd9 100%… was doing so until last week.

Then I went to make full backups 2 days ago of some movies and keep getting the message “not enough free space on drive c:”.

I’ve gone to drive c and cleaned it up to nearly 5 gig. I’ve removed as many applications and suspiciously large files as possible.

I’ve uninistalled and reinstalled dvdfab platinum.

And after all of this, I STILL get the “not enough free space” message for drive c.

Any help or suggestions?



In addition to free space, you need to ensure that you have enough contiguous space. To do this, you need to defragment your drive. If your using XP, it’s Start/ Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Defragmenter.

I believe you need to have approximately 10% free space in order to defragment. Otherwise, you will get an error message indicating you do not have enough free space to hold the temporary files.


I do not know about dvdfab but some programs move the whole move to the hard drive then shrink it. Since the movie is in some cases 7gig in size cleaning up 5 gig is not going to be enough. hard drives are cheap why are trying to back up movies with only 5 gig of space on your hard drive?. I see you are backing up a dvd9 so you are not shrinking it so maybe the movie you are trying to back up is over 5 gig and or DVDfab needs temp space for doing the backup.


Thanks for the inputs thus far.

My computer has a 15gig drive c with the operating system on it (drive c).

I have a drive e which is about 150gig.

I’ve installed dvdfab plat on drive e and was working to try to do the interim copy of a dvd to drive e, but not sure I’ve cracked the code on how to do that yet, though I did get come full backups on some dvd’s last week.

I am thinking along the lines discussed above, that perhaps I’ll need up to 8.5gig free space on drive c for double-layer dvd backups.

Now this begs the question “why doesn’t dvdfab platinum allow me to bypass drive c altogether and work on the humongous drive e for all interim copying during the backup?”

Maybe it does, but I can’t figure out how.

In the interim, I am doing 3 successive defrags on drive c (with the 4.9 gig free space) to create the contiguous space in order to see if I can get a backup of Nova’s “The Elegant Universe”.

Will report back soon.


That a good question if you have drive with all that space you should be able to use it. I am not sure about dvdfab never used it. If you do not have anything on the 150 gig drive or can back it up I would say you should download the acronis trial and clone the c drive to the e making it the c drive. Once you used acronis to clone it to e remove the power from your 15gig and your computer should go to the 150 gig drive just like it was the c drive all along. You might have to go into the computer bios and change it to boot to the 150 gig drive. Once you have it up and working on the 150 gig then you can power up the 15 gig and just keep it as a spare. If you have never done this you might need some help form someone who has done this but it is not that hard.


DVDFab Platinum will let you use your E: drive to store temporary rips etc.

Go into “Common Settings” and set the Output Directory to a folder on your E: drive

Then do the same for “Temp Directory”.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


3 successive defrags on drive c with the 4.9gig free space and an attempt at a dvd9 100% backup and no dice.

A dvd5 at 57% works does begin the backup, however.

What am I losing by stepping down from the dvd9 to the dvd5? I hate to think I’ve invested in a dual-layer dvd burner and the associated dual-layer dvd+r dl’s just to sacrifice quality on the end-product!!


Thanks for the tip, arachne - if only your post had come about 37 seconds quicker; but i’m still curious about the dvd9 vs. dvd5 trade-off.

Thanks again to all for your inputs past and future.


Hi c catanach. When Samlar and I posted our original response, we didn’t know you had an additional (and large) drive. With Arachne’s assistance, you should have success.


but i’m still curious about the dvd9 vs. dvd5 trade-off.

Picture quality is subjective and depends upon not only your vision but the type and quality of your TV. Many forum members are reluctant to burn with less than an 80% compression. When you take the content from DL to SL, that is a significant compression. However, if you backup just the movie (eliminate trailers, director’s comment, subtitles, etc.) and burn to SL, you can reduce the compression. I’ve looked at backups that had 60% compression and it wasn’t objectionable. Only you can decide if you want to use a DL disc.

Additionally, you could break the backup in to 2 SL discs to avoid any compression.