Not enough disk space to continue dloading

My downloading torrents would not fit on my downloading computer’s hard drive.

I am using bittorrent.

I have a whole collection of 40gig hard drives that i connect as peripheral devices to any computer i want in my house.

Is there any way I can move the download directory to a peripheral hard drive in process?
I had already downloaded about 30% of my files. The process is very slow.
Can I move this unfinished downloads to the peripheral hard drive?

Yes, then you just change the settings in your bittorent program to recognize the new directory.

I understand that, but how?
Is it possible on Bitcomet to change that dir?

I am sorry, [I]I thought that i am using bittorrent all this time[/I].
I am using [I]bitcomet[/I].

thanks, by the way

Somewhere in the configuration for the program you should be able to change the default download directory. If you can’t maybe you might want to try utorrent, i think it’s much better program.

Thanks. I will finish those downloads and get a utorrent.

bitcomet also creates problems, when i try to set up proxy