Not enough disk space on media

Hi first post.
gateway 700-p4 3.06HT- 2-250G HD- 1G Ram HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4020B writer- xp home

purchased dvd2one, copy to dvd

trying to make back-up of dvd’s but after processing not enough disk space meessage.

Backed up with dvd toolbox and dvddecryptor and either way it gives same message

searched with engine but no results

What am I doing wrong ?

set destinationsize in dvd2one a litle lower - it defaults to 4478 - this usually works out fine, but with a few dvd’s the resulting filesize is just a tiny bit to big. Change destinationsize from 4478 to 4444 or 4400. If its still to big keep changing it downwards untill you hit a size that fits.

Yep … as 105 says, just down the output size.

This problem seems to happen more with Full Disk copies … something to do with Dvd2one not being able to accurately predict the size of Menus.

IMO it’s a good idea to use 4400 anyway, as this leaves a little margin for error and also stops your burner from having to write to the extremities of the disk. This is where some of the buget media falls down and some standalone or burner drives, sometimes have trouble.

You did not say what burning software you are using, if its Nero make sure that you have not got multisession active, this will throw up the not enough space error.