Not enough disc space

Hello all;)
I have a small problem with Nero vision express 2. I have upgraded to this version and when encoding a movie to DVD I get the message that there is not enough space on my hard drive! This is wrong cos Ive got gigs of room. Does this just mean the temporary file section used by Nero or is it reading my drive incorectly.
I have opened a new temporary file for Nero and will try this tonight but after five abortive attempts I am getting peed off coming down in the morning to an error message, the cat is bad enough lol.
Nero told me the file is too big to fit on a standard DVD and prompted me to change it to long play and away it goes preparing my file for burning to disc. It gets almost to the end and then stops and puts up the error message.
Can anyone please help me solve this annoying problem:confused:

Thanks a lot guys.

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Can anyone please help me solve this annoying problem:confused:

Perhaps this can be solved by upgrading Nero ?

Hi mate
Have upgraded to the new all bells and whistles version with DVD+R (why not -R I dont know.)
Will try again tonight and see what I get. Why Nero says I havent got any space on my C drive is beyond me but then so is opening a can of Coke lol. Thanks for reading and answering my question.