Not enough compression in Shrink to burn Dave Matthews DVD



Please help me out:

I tried backing up Dave Matthews DVD using Shrink 3.1.7 but it wont let me compress it more then 56 or so percent and the resulting file is still to large.

Custom compression wont let me compress any more either.

How do I back up the entire DVD without reauthoring? Is there a way to override the DVDshrink compression limit? Should I use another program?

Please let me know


have you tried using a custom dvd size under preferences?


Recompress the compressed DVD.


Thank You very much for such prompt replies.
Yes, I did try to mess around with custom size but it made no difference as to the final size of the movie. The Shrink just wont let the slider go down any more then what it considers maximum.

I have not tried compressing the movie and then compressing it again. Does that work? I will give it a shot.

Any other ideas?


You could always just split it onto 2 seperate DVDRs.
Select some files and build one compilation with Shrink, and then go back and build a 2nd compilation with the remaining files.


What audio tracks are you keeping or more to the point, what are you removing? Alway wize to remove LPCM and DTS to help with compression %'s.