Not burning disc with datasafe 52x?



i am having coasters already 6 cannot burn with
datasafe 52x with nero
i am burning from my nec 2500 dvd writer.
i am burning them at slower speeds

anybody else having same problems



Nero in any version to the best of my knowledge has not and will not be able to support true RAW/DAO RAW reading meaning being able to read the disk including the encrypted part and DAO being able to correctly compensate for the errors it sees as the encrypted sectors and to be able to write them back on the disk. Thus you will not be able to use Nero ( any version, even the latest nor should you expect Nero to do that)


im using emprex burner at 40x on datasafe 52xsilver premium disks. done ten burns up to now they are perfect on stereo and in car cd :iagree: