Not Burning Correctly

This is my 1st post. My HP M473 desktop came with a slow burner and a Samsung DVD player. The Samsung broke down, so I purchased a Sony AWG 170A 16X burner and stuck it in, so have two DVD burners now. I always used to back-up films using DVD Shrink with either Nero 5 & AnyDVD running in the background or if this didn’t work DVDclone. I installed the drive tonight and its fast but none of the disks work. When I try to open the disks they are split into Video TS and Audio. this neverv used to happen on the other drive they would just auto play. I tried to watch one on my home DVD player but it wouldn’t load and said Error. When I use a disc i’ve burnt previously on the slow drive in the Sony they work fine. Do I need newer software or is the new drive incompatible :bow:

Hopefully you’re not copying dvd to dvd because that’s never the best way to do it. It’s always best to copy the dvd to HD and back to dvd. DL Dvd Decrypter and then copy the dvd you want to your HD. Keep Anydvd running to deal with the protection, if any. After you get the dvd on your HD then you can shrink it. You do need twice the space but you decrease the chance for errors.

Yes I always use to go from DVD to HD then to blank DVD with no problems, but since putting in the new driver it looks as if it works but try to play the disc and nothing. Also where its stored on the HD it looks different to all the other files(DVD’s) which I’ve stored it now saves with two folders, all the others only have one folder with all the files in them. I’ve always use DVD+R’s before but tried with DVD-R as this is all I had spare. I will try +R’s again now to see what happens