Not been able to EXACT copy a audio CD




Can someone help me ?
If have some problemes with EXACT copying a audio cd with 2 sessions and 15 tracks.
The first session is audio ( 14 tracks ) and the second session is a hybride modus2 ( this is the 15 track ).
According to nero is the cd type CD-ENHANCED.
Nero Burning give’s errors. Unsupported media or empty cd.
I also have tried with CDRWIN and DiskJuggler.
Neither this programma’s can copy the cd EXACTLY.

If use a Yamaha CD-writer (8424s). I also use the writer as reader.
The Yamaha is not supported by clone cd.

Have you a solution for this problem ??
Is there a program that can copy this cd EXACTLY ???
If so with one ?

I have copy the cd on this way :
Program : Nero and Yamaha writer
Audio cd create and the set pauseat-once selected and NOT selected finalize the CD.
Then copy
Then I have copy the DATA and finalize the CD.
This way is NOT a EXACT copy.

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Sorry for my bad English ( I come from Belgium (NL) )


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