Not bad for first burn with 716SA

I am not showing you my plextools scan as the drive seems to overstate PIEs by about double (programming glitch in plextools?).

but for cheap Ritek r02s this is not a bad 8x burn with powerrec and autostrategy on. especially am impressed with the PIFs (which really are the most important).


have you tried alex noe’s program

no I havent but I will check it out, thanks. So far I my kprobe2 and liteon 832 have proven to be very accruate scans for me. IE if they scan well I never have issues with playback or readability.

kprobe2 and my 1653 works well also, the drive does not seem to stable burning all the time, 8x and over is iffy lots of times but it scans nice. with latest fw CS0G i have got very good 8x burns on YUDEN-T02 and TYG02, no 12x or 16x as the encloser is only 8x rated and seems to chock after about 10x

yes hehe the 16xx series for burners suck above 8x (though they do burn 8x well). but for scanner they are comparable to the 812/832 series.

doesnt seem to work with SATA drives.

ok same disks with powerrec off and autostrategy off. burned in 7.17 minutes not bad speed for 8x. but as expected with these cheaper disks note the rising pies toward the end and the very much increased number of PIFs. So powerrec does do its job abiet the powerrec burn took 11 min. but hey for that kind of low PIF errors it is worth using imho.

try copying nero WNASPI32.DLL into the pxscan folder

did that just locks up my puter when i run the batch file.

ok well it was thought, i guess sata is to corn fusing for pxscan :stuck_out_tongue: