Not as simple hooking up a DVD player as I thought it was

I bought these brand new component cables for my dvd/vcr. Hooked it up from component out (Dvd player), to my hd ready tv that supports up to 1080i. Checking the instruction manual for my TV, I have 2 spots to plug in the component wires. One is for progressive one is for interlaced. It was plugged into the progressive one.

Then I put the Progressive feature “on” for my dvd player. My screen is black and says “No cable connected”. It’s plugged in properly, yes… And I tried my other DVD player to make sure. Exact some thing.

These wires are new, there shouldnt be a problem. And I tried it on my 2 new dvd players… Obviously something is wrong.

There are some features on my DVD Player which I don’t fully understand like the “SP/EP” button…

And yes, I had my DVD/VCR set to DVD mode so it would accept the component wires but still…

Some things to know:

  1. The Progressive Component In to my TV works because I play my Wii in 480p all the time.
  2. Composite works just fine.
  3. When I plug my component audio in, it works. But the video doesn’t because it still says “No Cable Connected”

Please help, maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Just because the cables are new, does not mean they are not faulty - test them as audio or A/V - substituting for a known working RCA phono cable set, as until something is proven to be getting through them (I guess the green one is the one it would be triggered on), they are still a possible source of problem.