Not another speed question!

Using clonedvd, backup speed per movie appx 1.2 hrs, running windows xp home with a pacific digital 16x 2.0 usb external dvd drive on 2.53 ghz intel pnet 4, with 512 ram, and 80 gig hdd. I have closed down all background applications, reallocated memory and processor speed, nothing helps! HELP!

Not another speed question!

Nah, nah! Just kidding!

Are you compressing the movie or doing a DL or split backup?

compressing according to the software’s recomemdation

you need to take a look at whats going on when you burn.

how long does the “creating files” step take? this step encompasses all of the compressing and could take a good half hour or so.

then check how long the “writing” step takes.

since you mentioned you have an external burner, my hunch is that there’s your bottleneck, although with USB 2.0 it shouldn’t really be a problem.

the hard drive you’re burning from isn’t also external is it?

if all the time is taken up creating the files then it’s going to be an issue with your system, but if it’s a writing issue then we can try to troubleshoot your burner.

creation time for a two hour movie is generally 15-22 minutes, write time is about an hour, give or take a few minutes.

ok wow. an hour write time is definitely a problem.

download nero cd-dvd speed, put a burned disc in the USB drive and do a burst rate test. that will tell us what kinds of speeds you’re getting to your USB drive.

what kind of speed rating should I expect, looking at the benchmark test? I have not downloaded the program yet, but I will. Thank you for all your help, this is a great forum, lots of good people and help!

i think the general rule is that you need about 22-24 mb/s to acheive 16x burns…This isn’t really my area of specialty, so if your burst rate test is significantly lower, I’m hoping someone else will be able to jump in and make some suggestions.

the burst rate test sort of just confirms or refutes the fact that your connection is the issue.

No that I think about it, is seems almost like the disc is copied in real time, I mean I have removed all but the main title of the movie, which normally is about an hour and a half to two hours, which is just a little less that the actual run time for the movie, do I have a setting incorrect in clonedvd?

Thanks, you have helped!