Not an ML disk error when burning an image file?



I have a dvd image I am trying to burn with nero. When I tell it to burn, a message pops up that says
Error: Not a ML Disk
Type: DVD+R

I’ve tried this with another blank disc I have and the type shows DVD-R

Upon furthur investigation with LiteOn’s SMARTBURN media reader, it shows both discs I attempted to use are Single Layer. Does “ML” mean multi layer? Will I need to purchase Dual Layer media to burn this image? Or is there some way to convert it to a compatable image?

Thank you for your help.


Thanks for reading this if you did. I just redownloaded the iso from the website. My friend ripped his linux cd and brought it over on an external HDD. Maybe the file was just corrupt. I downloaded a newer version than what he had anyway so it might have been for the better.

Thank you anyway.