Not all dvd recorders read all dvd disks?

I have just brought a Goodmans dvd+r standalone dvd recorder,( on offer for £99) when you put a blank +r disk in it , the messages asks you to format it, ( which it do’s) and then you are able to record on the disks with no probs , after i have recorded I make sure the disks are finalised, and they work fine on other standalone/computer dvd players however when i come to play it on my NEC 3500a ( multi format) recorder in the computer it won’t work and just locks the computer up. I use Anydvd use power dvd, and Clonedvd,Any dvd says something about " fixed invalid structure", but then computer freezes i have tried isobuster and tried to copy the vob files straight to the hard drive but nothing seems to work, as soon as the dvd drive tries to read the disk it locks the whole computer up, and i have to reboot Is there is a different format system for dvd+r standalones and dvd “computer” recorders which makes them incompatable, or can i change a setting somewhere to get these disks to play?


This is not a good problem :sad: I know that doesn’t help much. Are you using DVD+R, DVD-R or DVD+RW? I have a phillips standalone recorder and I have found that a lot of DVD programs will not handle the Phillips format, there is something about the structure on the disc, although it works in any DVD player. I was however able to read the disc and copy files, but it doesnt sound like you are even getting that far. Have you tried the disc in your DVD-ROM drive instead of the recorder? Try a short clip on different media and see if that helps?

Known issue in case of DVD+R media. If you put it in your PC and start PowerDVD it hangs and wont play the content. The reason is that the DVD+R media recorded in a standalone has a slightly different structure. The solution is to open with PowerDVD the first .vob file (click on it) and it will play.

have you tried different DVD+R Medias ??

I feel in the same boat - have had a computer since black and white monitor days but this DVD recording - won’t go into the problems there HOWEVER I bought DVD-RW disks - I went two roads - the finalize road, although it only had an hour on it and the delete road to see if it would allow more room (only 4 half hour shows on it too) I went back to store manager and he said to check out the set up as to RW or R on my recorder - here is hoping - this will be my 5th disk for nothing —

hi there, using dvd+r,that is what the standalone records with, when i put them in the computer dvd recorder drive ( multi format) Anydvd says it has repaired “invalid structure,” but then the computer just locks up so it won’t even read the disk and i have to re boot .The disks do work on ordinary dvd -rom, and standalone players, just not on the computer dvd recorder :confused:

what i want to do is take the dvd+r disks with t.v shows i have recorded on the standalone recorder ( connected to my t.v) then put these disk contents on my computer, so i can edit them by taking out out adverts and other stuff ,and then back them up as a complete show on to the computer dvd recorder on which i usually use dvd-r. I have recorded on many different types of dvd +r disks on the standalone none of them work on the computer dvd recorder :confused:

What do you mean they do work on an ordanary dvd-rom? Do they work in a dvd-rom drive in your computer? If so, why not try ripping it with dvd decryptor from your rom? Also, if you are not talking about a computer dvd rom drive, have you tried ripping with dvd decryptor from your burner?
One other thought. The 3500 is not the greatest reader. As far as I am concerned, its one of the best burners made, but not a good reader. If the burns are marginal, it could be the nec cannot read them. What kind of media are you using? Use dvd identifier to read the media code off the blank disks as the brand really doesn’t mean much.