NOT AGAIN! the eeprom

no matter what firmware i use, my 451s is up to the state that after 2 good burns, the 3rd one will be barely ok, then the later ones are just cough-ups :a

so, what i have to do now is after every 2 burns, i write back the backup eeprom to the burner just to get another 2 good burns…

this is so weird, all i use now are the same batch of Verbatim V-Star +Rs…

is there a way to stop the burner to overwrite the eeprom with some cough-up data after every burn?? So i can get decent burns all the time for col :confused:

Is the backup eeprom, you are using, from when the drive was new or when it had already done some burns of this media?

i may be wrong but this sounds like the 4 burn memory buffer rearing its head again lol.
have a search through the forums…i have had interesting tests when changing the write strats and firmwares…if ya cant be bothered then basicaly if ya dont want to waste any dvd’s is to change the write strat for a known working one or a known firmware that is good for the media you are using then in nero (or burning software of your choice) burn a multi session dvd…burn a 250 meg file apprx 8 times to the 1 dvd in multisession at 2x then burn a few larger files at 4x…that basicaly clears the buffer…then scan in kprobe and watch the disk either get better or worse as it learns the strat…the last half of the disk (the larghe files burnt at 4x) are the ones of interest…if the final half of the disk is ok then chances are that strat is a good one…then ya can burn a full dvd…that way you only waste 1 dvd instead of a full pack…
alternatively if ya have one…you can format a dvd-rw after the strat swap do this 4 - 6 times to again flush the buffer and you wont waste a single dvd

the backup eeprom i’m using is just 1 good +RW burn from the very first original eeprom!!

is there a link of the thread so i can read more on the topic??

if ya do a search there are a couple of threads…1 in particular about the learning behaviour of liteons…but to be honest its a lot of theory lol
this is a link to some practical that me and Mr Pickle got involved with and it is true it does learn…


honestly, i don’t think the search engine here is very good… anyway, i’ve read most of the posts from your link. It’s very nice learn more about the 4 burns memory.

my problem is my 451s(CG2B, thanks to C0deKing) don’t start with bad burns to good burns, but from good burns to bad. The bads are those dark burn marks(circles) on the disc, usually in the 200MB-400MB section. I don’t over-clock burn speed, and I don’t want to change strat. neither, i have tried but the out come is really bad…

some people say the “dark circles” appear because of the burn speed change on a crappy media. But all the media i use now are ricohjpn01, YT001, mcc003 for +R, and TY001 for -R. I wouldn’t say my batches are the very good ones, but they are at least above average… and i always burn them @4x, and though no burn speed change!

It’s probably just my drive, and i should have exchanged it but it’s too late now… the thing is the liteon fokes here always talk about the media, don’t use crappy/cheap media, that and that. But for most pioneer burners, they will burn those “crappy” media just as nice as a ricohjpn01 burned by Liteon burners. Or lol, even better. Of couse i would have to use the magic word " if ". If i didn’t know this site, and didn’t read those posts about be patient, new firmware would improve burn quality; don’t be cheap, use “quality media”; Liteon is good, since it’s cd burners are the best; … … …

All I can say now, Liteon is the best torture u can get in dvd burning… lol…!?


Did you get my email?


I’m going to be spending a lot of time in this area of the firmware over the next week. Hopefully I might be able to find you a solution along the way. I’ll send you a PM because I need some information from you that will tell me if anything can be done for your drive.

One thing you can tell me now. What does a repeated burn of a +RW look like? Does it also increase in errors?

Can you also show me some scans of burn 1, 2 and three.

C0deking wrote: “I’m going to be spending a lot of time in this area of the firmware over the next week”

That sounds to me as very good news !!. Given your expertise, I can say this area would be a very interesting / complementary area of omnipatcher knowledge base.

I have very few time to spent doing this ‘research’ :sad: ; si I’m happy you will do. By the way, I imagine you already know where the mediacode areas of EEPROM are :smiley: and how they progress each time you burn a disc, apart from the ‘debug zone’ (0080-00B0).

I woud be pretty happy if I could help you someway (don’t mind to give you tips I haven’t post yet; or you could simply take them as one more sample; I won’t be offended :wink: ).

I’m an owner of an LDW-811s; you may be sure if I receive instructions from you (if not more expensive than, let’s say 6 DVD discs :wink: ), I can analyse ‘results’.

Best regards and thank you for those amazing growing tools,