Not again! Plextor 708a

This is my second Plextor 708A drive, my first one was defective. I’ve had this second drive for one month, been burning Princo media without any problems but yesterday out of the blue, my plextor failed to recognize blank media.

I rebooted the system and tried different discs but the problem remained.

It recognizes DVD Video, Audio and Data Cds but fails to read empty media. Any ideias? Or do I have to return the drive to Plextor once again?

I had the greatest impression about plextor and thought this was the best drive available in the market but right now I’m not so sure!


Intel P4
Asus P4C800 bus 800
512 Mb Ram DDR
Windows Xp SP 1
Plextor 708A

DVD DEcrypter
DVD Shrink
Nero 5.5

I’m having the same problem here and plextor support are peeing me off, first week i had it worked fine. Then after that it doesn’t reconise the blanc media. I’m going off plextor drives never had so many problems with media.

I too am having the same problem. I am waiting on an RMA from Plextor USA to send it back. Seems the problem is the tracking servo is of poor quality. DvdDecrypter reported the problem as:“Device Not Ready Tracking Servo Failure.” While Plextools Pro reported it as “Error Reading disc info sensecode 040901”
Plextor would not confirm what dvddecrypter diagnosed it as but confirmed it as a “hardware problem”

I am very disappointed in this drive as well seeing it was only 2 months old:( If this is Your second one to crap out that speaks volumes as to the reliability of this drive!

I’m very disappointed about this drive! It was supposed to be the bomb and instead I’ve wasted a lot of time and money on it in vain.

I went to the official Plextor page to check the blink code , this is what it reads:
Failure reading PMA, TOC or ATIP
Disc was detected, but the drive cannot read information from it.

I still trying to figure out if I can solve this problem otherwise I’ll be asking Plextor my THIRD(!!!) drive…

I tried different brans of media such as Verbatim and TDK and the drive worked fine.

The odd thing is that I always use Princo sucessfully but this time it didn’t work:

Conclusion: I think this package of Princo DVD’s was defective, not the drive…

PLextor 708-A please forgive me…ehehe

Although my drive isn’t working poperly (my first PX-708a didn’t write correctly at 8x, my second drive has the same problem), it is not a reason to not buy Plextor anymore. The have a great service (no problems replacing the drive), and they answer fast at my e-mails…