Not accessible, incorrect function error

Alright you guys have helped me before, and I hope you can do the same this time. I have searched the forum about this topic and looked on google, but I haven’t found a solution to it.

I reformatted and reloaded Win2k with SP4 integrated. Anyway, now the OS isn’t able to read from either my Lite-On CDROM or my MSI CD burner. Both drives have their latest firmware and both have DMA enabled in device manager. ASPI is installed, both ForceASPI and Nero ASPI.

The Lite-On is an LTN485S with JLM1 firmware and the MSI is a CR52 with 3.30 firmware. Autorun CD’s are fine, they will read those discs, but my backup of all my files on a 10x TDK CDRW disc won’t read, It comes up either with the error message on the thread title, or it says ‘please insert disc’.

Please help, it’s driving me nuts.

More info: both drives are on the secondary IDE channel, the Lite-On is master, the MSI is slave, the jumpers are set correctly. It’s also not a hardware problem in the drives themselves, because I can boot Windows 98 and they act normally in that OS.

Okay, hope that helps, and you dudes are the masters. :bow:

I have the same liteon cdrom. It worked well untill I update to w2k-sp4. The system sees the drive but will not recognize and CDs. Also, my printers built-in PCMCIA card slot has a code 10 error and my optical mouse now has a code 24 error. Is it better to buy another cheap CDROM and mouse or try to troubleshoot the problem? I can put the printer on another computer on the network. :bow: to anyone with answers.

Bowing down to minos (see message on link below)

I downloaded the ASPI driver from the link in the message and the CD ROM now works!

As for the PCMCIA card reader on the 785epx epson printer, I need help.