Not able to write at 8x with 451@851

i’ve used omnipatcher on the firmware GSC02 …i’ve enabled
all speeds…i use nero latest version…but i’m not able to write at 4x
on my “old” liteon 451s (now 851s)!

Help plzzzzzzzzzzzz


You’ve loaded the patched firmware into your drive? And you’re using +R media (not -R)?

I’ve loaded the patched gsc02 (with settings in omypatch) in my drive

i’m using -R media! I’ve tried two types of media …Princo and Memorex (CMC.MA)
but nothin to do… only 4x writing is enabled in Nero and in Alcohol too!!1



A quote from the OmniPatcher documentation…

A common question that gets asked is why this doesn’t allow people to burn above 4x on their 4x-rated burners. Changing the speed limits for media types is different from overclocking your drive. The latter is when you change your drive’s maximum speed allowable speeds, and this tool allows you to then select which of the available types of media the drive will allow to be burned at that maximum speed.

The 851S drive is rated for 8x only for +R media. Its maximum -R speed is only 4x. There is no known way to overclock a _51S drive to give it 8x -R abilities. :sad: So you will have to use +R if you want 8x burning. LiteOn drives seem to do better with +R anyway. OmniPatcher’s hacking of -R speeds to 8x is only for 812S and 832S users.

Also, if I were you, I’d avoid using Princo media (they’re even illegal in Europe). They are the worst of the worst, and even if they burn well, they have been known to degrade and become unreadable in just a few months.


so i misunderstood…it’s only possible to write at 8x +R media!!!


Thnks…however great work with this omnipatcher thnks!!!

The LDW-851S can only write to DVD+R discs at 8x. Its fastest speed for writing DVD-R media is 4x. This is why you cannot burn 4x DVD-R media at 8x.