Not able to take date wise backup

Hi everybody,

I use Nero Express 6 for CD writing. I take daily backup on my CD-Rs in such a way that each day’s backup is stored in a seperate folder. e.g. the backup for 1st August 2006 is stored in a folder named “060801”, that of 2nd August 2006 is stored in a folder named “060802” and so on. I stored the file ExpRDPSQL.rar in “060801” folder on 1st August 2006. On 2nd August 2006, ExpRDPSQL.rar was updated and it was stored in folder “060802”. The problem is that after writing the current version of ExpRDPSQL.rar to “060802” folder, the old version of ExpRDPSQL.rar in “060801” folder got replaced with the current version. I needed the older version but couldn’t get it. This seems to be a bug in Nero. Is there any fix for this bug?