Not able to read 5005 dvd with pc?



I have a problem, I cannot read without errors dvd from the lvw5005 with my pc. Except with dvd that was create with the 3 hours format. No 2 hours is able to be read by 2 of my dvd reader burner in my pc.
So I cannot copy dvd, burn by the lvw5005
Is there a solution?
I try iso burning, and it’s get to much error, hours and hours to try to have the complete dvd.
But dvd can be read by any home dvd reader?!?!


You can read 2hr Liteon disks with a PC (I do it all the time).
Could be several reasons why you are not working:

  1. Have you finalised the DVD first. This is necessary for record once only disk (+R). This is not needed for +RW disks.

  2. the PC simply does not like the DVD media you are using. Try different disks. Try upgrading firmware of burner.

  3. Is your PC burner in DMA mode. If not you will get a lot of read errors. I am not a great expert here on how to check/solve this. Search forums for more information.

  1. What media are you using to burn onto (I hope not cheap ones).

I have read all formats of recording from my 5055GDL+ without problems. I only have problems when using cheap discs from dubious sources (e.g. Budget branded discs).


Well I have the latest firmware with the lvw5005 (I try older also)
Latest firware for my nec 2510a and asus 16x
They work in dma
No change in brand name for dvd (No problem with these dvd if it is burn with the nec or any pc dvd burner))
All are finalized
And like I said there is no problem to read those dvd in another home dvd reader.
I have no clue


"Latest firware for my nec 2510a and asus 16x"
Sometimes your DVD burner/reader is just not compatible with some discs produced by the 5005. Try using a DVDROM (reader only) if have one available. They are usually better at reading than the burner/readers.


movies recorded in the 2 hour mode copy fine but discs with more tan 1 title have copy problems.