Not able to play burnt DVD's using DVDFab Beta

For some reason, I have not been able to play any of my burnt DVD’s in any of my DVD players. DVDFab is saying that the process is complete, but nothing seems to be on the DVD. Please tell me there is a simple fix, I’m tired of wasting DVD-R’s…

When you say nothing is on the DVD, did you try and “open it” in explorer to see if the audio_ts and video_ts folders and files were there. In other words is the disk really emply or will it just not play?

Just a thought. A lot of people are having issues like this. Although I have used DVDfab to burn my ripped DVD’s, what I in general do is rip to an ISO image and then burn it with nero. Nero came with my Sony DVD burner. Most burners come with some sort of burnining software and in the case of my sony drive, I figured that since it came with the drive it should always work and it does.

Having been a hardware/software guy for more years than I care to count, you can be sure that when a software and hardware have to interact, there are going to be combinations of operating systems, burners and other background software that are going to have problems.

Also as a lot of other posters have noted, just because you have a 16X drive, never burn at 16x. My drive is 16X and I use 8x all the time (even for data disks) and I never have a problem and I have burned 100’s (yes really, just ask my wife) with a 99.99999% sucess rate.

Nero (and I assume other burner softeare as well) as a verify after burn. If you have such a feature always use it. Adds time to the burn, but saves lots of headaches.

Welcome to the forum… I suggest that you don’t throw away those old DVD-Rs until you are sure that they aren’t still blank. They may still be usable.

The last DVD I burnt now plays in my living room DVD player, but not my bedroom player. I burnt this one using Nero. I also burnt on the slowest possible speed. All my DVD’s used to play before on all systems.