Not able to perform test

Hi to all
Can please someone tell me why i can’t use nero dvd quality test with
my 2500 ( herrie flashed fw ) ?
It seem to start, starting up drive, and then it fails
This instead doesn’t apply when running the test on a 411@811
Aspi layers are ok, nothing seems wrong to me…
Any clue?


The NEC2500 doesn’t support Nero dvd quality test found in CDSpeed yet.
Not all drives can do a quality test : LiteON DVD’s do support this, both by CDSpeed and KProbe.


Yes. The NEC drive does not report C1/C2 or PI/PO errors, so CDSpeed doesn’t have information to produce the test with.

Supported drives are listed here:

The only way for the NEC drive to be supported would be for NEC to expose the error information to software. I highly doubt that will happen, unfortunately.

tnx to all

btw…nec works like a charm, got pi/po in the range 10/0…never got
this kind of results with liteon…
used ricoh r01 at 8x with nero 6.3.17