Not a newbie, just a dumb question!

I’m not new around here but I got another one of those stupid questions that will make some people go “Duh!”.

Here it comes:

When or how do I get to use [img] attachments on my posts? Does it require a special permission or a certain rank?

You can use [img ] tags regardless of your level, just not in your signature.

Images in signatures has been disabled to prevent unnecessary loading times and abuse.

The FAQ explains everything you want to know. The code for images is:

[ IMG]http://the-complete-url-to-your-picture.jpg[/ IMG]

Without the spaces of course. CAPS isn’t needed (just did it to make it more clear ;)). But like Smart@$$ said they have been disabled.

Ok thanks a lot guys. That improved my understanding of this forum a lot. Keep up the good work!