Not a fan of Microsoft's new design aesthetics? Well, their new logo is

Not a fan of Microsoft’s new design aesthetics? Well, their new logo is..


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Meh. It’s okay. I don’t dislike it. At least they finally ditched the “waving window”.

Just when a REAL waving window is technically possible…

I don’t know where it is , but I’ve heard of someone putting a “Bliss” picture on a piece of OLED substrate and having it waving in the wind…

You know “bliss”… it’s the default wallpaper for Windows XP…

Anyone seen the demo of an OLED mesh being fed through the rollers of a printer while displaying a video image?

I wonder if they’re able to patent and copyright any 4 colored rectangles that are assembled like a, uh, window pane. Hopefully, the judge will force them to specific the exact color of each, and in which clockwise order.

Or will they copyright the Helvetica/Arial font and any time an F connects with a T, will someone have to shell out royalties?

Boy, and we have only wondered if mouse-clicks would produce pop-ups at some point in the future! “If you’d like to avoid pop-up’s in the future, make out your $8,000 monthly check to ‘Steve Ballmer & Co’. Thank you!”