Not a debate Pepsi or Coke

This may have been done before,which do you prefer PEPSI or COKE
I like Coke and also Vernor but you can’t get it outside Michigan.




I like Pepsi better, not as strong :slight_smile:

I accept either, depending on what the restaurant has. But I currently prefer Pepsi, after being immersed in Coca-Cola for the past ~6 years.

[edit] But water is indeed nice and is preferable over cola, unless I simply have a craving.

Pepsi Throwback is all I’ve been drinking for cola for a couple of years now.

Water. :slight_smile:

Diet Coke is best for me.

The others just don’t taste the same to me as they’re far too sweet.


+1 on Vernors. Grew up on it in Western NY. Now available elsewhere:

Coke Zero, preferably with rum.

[QUOTE=Seán;2714275]Coke Zero, preferably with rum.[/QUOTE]

Hey that’s cheating using flavour enhancers! :p:bigsmile:


I sometimes drink Pepsi but greatly prefer Coca Cola. I also drink a bit of Dr. Peppers, but it’s both hard to get and more expensive here.

I don’t like the taste of the artificial sweeteners, so no diet cola for me.

BTW my dad worked for The Coca Cola company for a few years after graduating as a chemical engineer, performing quality assurance at Coca Cola (and partners) bottling factories around the world. We got free Coca Cola products back then, but OTOH rarely got to see my dad due to massive traveling (> 200 days a year).

I don’t know if my taste for Coca Cola started back then, but in any case I still much prefer The Real Thing.

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2714279]I sometimes drink Pepsi but greatly prefer Coca Cola. I also drink a bit of Dr. Peppers, but it’s both hard to get and more expensive here.


Mmm… Dr. Pepper. I used to rather enjoy the flavor. But as I’ve been getting away from sodas at all, I’ve set that aside as a special treat from time to time. That and root beer. :iagree:

Dr. Pepper bleeuucchhh!! :Z :bigsmile:

I could go for Seán’s rum without the Coke mind you. :wink:


[QUOTE=Wombler;2714283]Dr. Pepper bleeuucchhh!! :Z :bigsmile:[/quote]We can no longer be friends. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could go for Seán’s rum without the Coke mind you. :wink:

What kind of rum…?

There was a time when Dr Pepper was my favorite.
It became weaker & weaker . Now it doesn’t taste like the drink I grew up with.
They even stopped bottling the last “real” Dr Pepper at the Dublin plant near Waco ,TX. It was still made the original way.

If I drink Pepsi I like cherry Pepsi.

I rarely drink Coca Cola but again if it was made the way it was when I was a child to teen I would.

Right now my main softdrink is other.
Cherry RC Cola. The best I’ve found.
Also Shurfine root beer.

How about orange juice?

A coke during lunch breaks at work and sometimes Coke or Pepsi in a restaurant - depending on what they have.

None, i prefer to drink coffee, water or [B]Beer[/B] whiskey is another great option ;).
So no need for pepsi or coca cola.

[QUOTE=Albert;2714285]We can no longer be friends. :stuck_out_tongue:


:stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

What kind of rum…?

Interesting question.

The nicest rum I’ve ever tasted was a proper Jamaican white rum which has a very strong and distinctive taste, almost pineappley (okay so that’s not a word but you know what I mean :)).

Bacardi was the biggest selling white rum here at the time but tastes extremely bland compared to this.


Coke and Pepsi as far as I know both contain Phosphoric acid, now that sounds awful, but it’s great to help digest food, especially if you’ve over eaten. Just don’t drink too much.
I prefer Coke to Pepsi, the latter seems to make my teeth feel furry and is a bit too sweet. Now a decent 12 year old single malt whisky, or a belt of Kentucky bourbon really hits the spot. :bigsmile:

Diet Coke for me or Coke Zero vanilla. I also like Diet Coke with lime if it is not in a can. Can’t stand any of the other Coke Zero except for the vanilla.

I prefer Coca Cola over Pepsi anytime. Especially Cherry Coke mmmm! But I don’t drink it too much as it contains so much calories. Currently I’m trying drinking cheap ass diet coke as the taste is softer than Coke or Pepsi diet versions.

And I’ve just discovered Bacardi Black with Coke :slight_smile: So like Seán, I love rum with coke.

Here in the Netherlands I hardly know people that have Pepsi at home. They do have it in a lot of restaurants. It has something to do with Heineken which big here and also distributes soft drinks to restaurants and bars.