Not 1:1 SafeDisc Copies?



Here's my orginal CD (Worms World Party SD 2.3)

And here's the backup copy:

Well, why is the backup copy contains more bad sectors even if I get the error control from Auto --> Off. :confused:

Please give comments :slight_smile:


Where can I download that “scandisc”???


If you have Nero Burning Rom, you can load ScanDisc by opening CDSpeed. (C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero Toolkit\CDSpeed.exe)
And click Extra, ScanDisc.

If you don’t have Nero Burning Rom, you can download the program at

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Does the backup copy work?
What burner did you use?

If the answer to the first question is no then it is probably to do with weak sectors.

They can be read by the burner 100% correctly, but when your burner tries to burn them it can’t write them correctly and they become bad sectors.

(In case you don’t know what Weak Sectors are - I doubt this seeing as you are an experienced CD Freaks member with over 200 posts.)

Ordinary CDs have data which looks like:


Where there are a at least 3 0s or 1s together, a maximum of 11 and an average of 7.

“Weak” sectors have data which when translated into 0s and 1s looks like:


Which CD-ROM drives can read, but many burners can’t write correctly (eg: they produce 001101100111101010011 instead) and the sector becomes unreadable on the backup copy.

(If I’ve made a mistake, let me know :slight_smile: )


Well, I know about that… And also the copy only works in my DVD, it is not because it have the ATIP check, because ATIP checks only exists on SD 2.4+, well, it didn’t appear any messages when playing from my writer, and instead of errors, it freezes :wink:


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The same things happen with the Italian version of WWP (protected with Laserlock2); there are at least two bad sectors on the backup (sector 7190-7191) that there aren’t on the original cd.
However the copy works in all devices I tested.


(If I’ve made a mistake, let me know)

You have.

Check my website’s SD2 section for more info.


My apologies… still I hope I gave the general idea.


According to what I’ve learned in the EFM thread, and if we “draw” pit and lands as 0 and 1s, a weak sector doesn’t look like 01010101… that would be an illegal sector, but like


With as much 1s as possible.


With as much 1s as possible.


With about a 7:1 ratio of 0’s to 1’s.

Having a pattern like 1111111111000000011111111100000

Would be very illegal. It would (I think) be registered as 10000000100000 (Because two changes in a row amount to 1 change.


Originally posted by FutureProof
hey software guy, we don’t all have broadband! Can you change those .JPGs to .GIFs…PLEASE?!

Well, myself do not have broadband too, all I have is Dial-Up :bigsmile:
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The fastest download I had was 3,2 MByte/s (not MBit!) :p:p

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