Norwood Micro OEM BenQ DW1650 with GCFC firmware

I’ve got a Norwood Micro OEM BenQ DW1650 with GCFC firmware. Is it reliable for doing scans of what it burned with CD-DVD Speed 4.51.1?

I got a quality score of 100 with Sony +R (Yuden 000 T02) burned @4X.

Couldn’t get the pic of the scan uploaded for some reason.

It got a QS of 98 w/ MCC 03RG20 @4X

I might like to cross-flash it to Bxxx at some point but I don’t want to screw it up.

With CD/DVD SPEED scan at 8x not 4x.
Crossflashing would be better then you’ll be able to use the official BENQ firmwares and to use QSUITE 2.1.

I did scan at 8X. I burned the disc at 4X.

So are these results reliable of how the drive is doing?

(Also, I set it to scan at 8X but notice it actually scans very slow.)

Couldn’t get the pic of the scan uploaded for some reason.
Make sure you follow this guide.

I might like to cross-flash it to Bxxx at some point but I don’t want to screw it up.
Wise decision. If ain’t broken, don’t mess with it while still under warranty.

Happy burning. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pic uploading info. That was very helpful.

My Q remains: Can I trust the scan results of this drive as is?

No. The G series goes very slow and doesn’t report PI failures. You need to crossflash to the B-series to get scanning functionality.

The slow scan speed is a feature of the OEM firmwares, the regular firmware scans at higher speeds. Since noone scans at these low speeds, your results can not be compared to the usual 8x scans.
Anyway, the burning quality will be better when you burn at higher speeds than 4x as the dye is not optimized for low speeds, so burn at least at 8x.


Are there some really clear instructions on cross-flashing to BXXX anywhere. I’ve seen the sticky thread here re: the BQ flasher, but find it a little confusing. :doh:

Someone else recomended windwflash to me but I can’t even find it.

You don’t have to be rocket science to be able to crossflash, you making so hard just read the sticky on flashing and follow the procedure.

Q: How do I cross flash the firmware on my OEM/re-badge BenQ 1620 drive?

A: If you have an OEM drive or a re-badge and wish to convert the drive to a retail 1620 so you can make use of the latest official firmware upgrades from BenQ you must go to the Unofficial BenQ firmware page and download WinDWFlash.exe and a corresponding firmware in .CVT form. Be absolutely certain your drive is a clone 1620 before doing so, otherwise you could end up with a dead drive. Also the TDB RPC1 firmware can be used to easily cross flash to the retail firmware.

Moved this to firmware section, sorry

It’s very easy. Grab the official firmware upgrade from BenQ (BCHC, I think), grab BQFlasher, unzip both, open BQFlasher, select the official BenQ BCHC.exe file with it, and flash away.

WinDWFlash is also an option, but along with finding it, you have to find a .CVT file with the current firmware as well, which isn’t available directly from BenQ. BQFlasher is new and designed to work with reading the firmware straight out of the official BenQ .exe files, so it’s much easier to find everything.

Actually, it appears it’s not that easy.
I just bought this Norwood drive, relabeled BenQ DW1650
that has the original GCFC firmware on it. Tried flashing
with BQFlasher.exe (with nero file) and the BCHC and now
my tray keeps opening and stays open.

Any thoughts? I realize I am a new guy, but haven’t seen too
much about these cases besides “it’s the firmware.” So to that,
I’d reply I’ve tried several BenQ DW1650 firmwares and they all
seem to do it (possibly due to my initial flashing and incomplete
flashing thereafter?) Any help would be appreciated.

Also, just a day before I bought an I/O Magic drive (relabeled BenQ
DW1655) and was able to use BQFlasher fine in updated its firmware
to an actual BenQ – I forget which firmware as I’m not home now.

Should I try flashing the 1650 with the 1655 firmware? I’d like to avoid
this only because then both drives would “read” as 1655 and it’d make for
an eventual “shoot, wrong drive” on my part. Sorry for the long post.


By any chance did you have a disc in the drive when you flashed it? What might save you is flashing the drive with WinDWFlash and a cvt file.

Although it is not advisable to flash the drive with the disc in but once or twice accidentally, I have flashed my drive with no problem has accrued. There is the possibility in the later case the flashing does not go through and you have to take the disc out and reflash the drive again.

Hey –

Thanks for the replies. I get one grace for being “new”, right?
Goooood, because while searching the threads for “tray eject”,
I finally found one where someone stated it could be if I changed
the bezel I did not snap it all the way. Wellllll, yes. :-\

But, to answer your requests, no a disc was not in while flashing.
Just turned out the stupid top part of the bezel was not snapped
in. Good to know that a millimeter makes a difference on these things!

Sorry for taking your time!


Glad to hear that you have overcome the problem you had.

So I take it you were successful in flashing the Norwood Micro drive from DW1650 to the retail FW for BenQ DW1650?

I just got a Norwood Micro DW1640 from CUSA and is contemplating flashing to BENQ DW1640 official FW…

For those crossflassing to BenQ, installing Qsuite would a good idea. With that utility you can turn SB on/off, bitsetting, etc.

sanggarra -
sorry for a late response. Yes, I was successful for the 1650.
As for the DW1640, who knows. I’m sure there’s posts on that

That’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. The NORWOOD MICRO rebadged 1640 is just about scarce at this point. If anyone is lucky to find one it’s probably because COMPUSA had old stock. At this point lucky there are still rebadged 1650/1655 drives available from COMPUSA. :slight_smile: