Norwood Micro DW1650 GCFC scan

:Z This drive might be going back…Does anyone think a cross flash to BCIC and using WOPC would help? Or maybe changing the beige bezel to the black one? :a
This disk came from a stack that was giving 90% plus results on other BenQ drives, and 85% plus on NEC drive.

Same disk — This does not look good…

crossflash the drive to the official BENQ firmware so you can use QSUITE 2.1. you’ll get better burns than using the OEM firmware. i crossflashed both of my norwood micro drives with no problems. btw BENQ drives tend to favor dvd+r media.

This is from same disk spindle burned with a genuine BENQ with BCIC, WOPC on. This is from a movie backup which already has dust and fingerprints on the outer edge, yet plays all the way through with no problems. Could there really be this big of a difference??? I am hesitant to X-flash in case I decide to return the drive. But I might anyway… :confused:

I X-flashed the Norwood. Here is a new scan WOPC=ON, better, but still way below expectations… Not so good…:sad:

Drive out of computer, original BenQ DW1650 back in, oh, well… :frowning:

My 2 1650’s have different firmware. One has BCDC & the other has BCIC. You should have tested the drive with dvd+r media. As I mentioned BENQ tends to like dvd+r media. Hope you’re flashing the drive back with the original OEM firmware. I’ve crossflashed my 1650’s with the WinDWFlash and CVT files.

This is my 1st - (minus) dvd burn of a verbatim 16x rated dvd using the norwood micro drive crossflashed to the benq 1650, i think mine seems to works fine, what do you think?? keep in mine they are verbatim disks.

I forgot to mention the post above was burnt at 8x speed. And the drive was set to BenQ’s defualt settings in qsuite.

i used verbatim 16x certified discs. The pics below were burned at 16x and qsuite at default settings. 1st pic minus disc, and the second disc was plus, same speed both 16x cert discs and both burnt at 16x using the rebadged norwood micro drive with the latest benq firmware.