Norway rules MP3 linking is illegal

I just posted the article Norway rules MP3 linking is illegal.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about this legal
development from Norway. The Inquirer is reporting that their legal system
has determined that even linking to illegallly…

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Well, the ruling wasn’t as explicit as that. It says in the ruling that the defendant did it with intent to distribute copy-protected music for free, it even said so on his page, and that the linked music most likely never would’ve been found had it not been for the linking on his page. I’m no lawyer but this doesn’t really create any kind of precedent in cases like search-engines where they just link everything without any kind of filtering. If you however link mp3-files and say “download free music here”, I don’t really understand how you plan to get away with that, even though he doesn’t upload it, it doesn’t mean he don’t spread it mroe than it would’ve.