Norway in the run for media tax

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Suggestion by the cultural department in Norway to add a fee for every media that might be used to copy music & video. If this suggestion comes through, a 0.5$ fee will be…

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glad to see that the site is back!!!

It doesn’t make sense if I want to take a backup I would have to pay a tax for it.
I don’t think so

these taxes/fee - are they at all gonna give them to the companies? - or will they end up in the state tax box?
In Denmark, they could win an olympic gold metal in Tax invention…

I live there, we pay 1$ per litre of 95 Octan gas (10 Nok)
80% of that is TAX.
and now Tax on cd’s and Hd’s.

Yes we pay a lot of tax in Norway. The goverment are crazy but norway dont sucks only the tax

Yeah, I also live in Norway, gasoline cost around 1,1$ each litre (11 NOK) here (Stavanger). And CDR’s already costs 1$ for brands of ok quality (Kodak).