Nortons shows adware

My Nortons SW 2005 shows that it has 19 threats:a and it is all Mozilla FireFox. I havew never ad this problem untill the recent update. but my problem is that I can not manually remove them I have gone in and tried to remove Firefox and then I went and deleted it out of the registry. I have also tried to use Spybot, Ad-adware SE Pro and the M$ AntiSpyware and nothing removes it…

Any one got anyideas??

They look like cache files. Have you tried to clear your cache?

thanks for the reply. I am not sure on how to do what you say. Will it hurt to do that? What do I need to do to clean out the cache?

You can manually remove the files by going into the directory shown (where your arrow is pointing - c:\documents and settings\Ron…) and selecting the files and hit your delete key. Or you can re-install Firefox and go into tools - options - privacy and select clear cache. You didn’t need to uninstall Firefox.

When I go to look for the file in the search menu it comes up with an error. I have tried to remove it with add and remove program and then went into regedit and made sure to get it out of there and then I went ahead and ran my spy ware progy to double check and see if it would do anything and then I trie to reinstall older version 1.0 and they are still there

here is a pic of what error it gives me

These files have nothing to do with your registry. Does Norton quarantine “infected” files? You don’t need to do a search to remove them, just go to the Firefox taskbar on the top, select tools - options - privacy and clear cache.

Thank you that got it:bow: