What do you think of norton internet securty 2006 becuase i am going to be buying a new internet security suite soon.

in general you will find 2 groups of people.
1: the ones that hate norton stuff (i guess it are 95%)
2: the ones who say: “norton is great, you just have to set it up correctly”

i belong into group 1! norton stuff causes (known) errors, is bloated, ressource-wasting, slow, crappy.
the days, where norton was ‘good’ (because of missing alternatives) are definitely over for years, now… :iagree:

What would you suggest?

i’m not a friend of ‘security-suites’
to tell the truth, i’m just having kaspersky antivirus personal pro, and i only activate it when i’m in irc or to check a download before opening it. i don’t have a seperate firewall, except the XPSP2 one’s. of, course, also a spyware scanner should be there, but none of these tools is running permanently, only as full-scan on request.

Have you ever tried norton? or any other internet security suites?

the last norton product i tried was the AV 2003, it was horrible (slow and so on) - caused me to re-format my system after a week or two.
i never saw the need to try one, because my system is / was clean.
just take care what software you use (browser / email etc.) and what you click, what you allow (popups / activex / java / ~script etc.) and everything will be fine… :wink:

Thanks have u got any more info on my alcohol 120% problem?

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