Norton utilities 2000



i desperatly need norton utilities 2000. does anybody know where i can find it?


Only ask if you searched through the internet yourself. In less than 5 minutes you will find NU2K.

Another tip: use the search option of this board.
We do want to help you, but we are not your butler.


I’ve said this many times but here it is again.

Get yourself a good newsserver and grab anything you want off of USEnet.

I personally use newscene it costs $12 a month but the stuff i get from it far outweighs the price i pay.
Mp3’s , applications, games and now and again some usefull information



i can tell you’re a newbie, because you used your real name (i’m guessing), but did you know that any software you download ILLEGALLY won’t run on your computer? it’s true. …fine, i’ll tell you, but there are no stupid questions, just stupid people, so keep that in mind – go here: and you will find what you so desperately need.

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If you download it from this site as Squage suggests (the link works cause i d/l two days ago) the first or second zip file is password protected the password is the web address