Norton Utilities 2000 desperately needed



Has any one got a crack full working verion of Norton Utiliteis 2000. I have tried to download it on a site which i found on Scapewarez but its a bloody ftp server and it was only downloading at 0.3 kbps and i didn't fancy waiting 8 hours for it to download. I would be grateful if any one could send it to me.

Ch5 Micky


Check out under downloads. You will find it right there. I have been checking that 2 minutes ago and the link is still working.


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Or over here:

just checked…working


Thanx guys i owe u one these two sites are both excellent. I appriciate the help.

Ch5 Micky


my pleasure,


another site to try is they have a good appz section and the links are usually up.


HeH Sqage,

Did you get that syscom 2000 file 2/2 ?

Never mind i just read your reply in the other thread


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Thanx for all your help u guys.


Ch5 Micky