Norton Speedisk Vs. Ms Scandisk?

Which of the following Disk analysers is best?

Is Norton Disk Doctor better or Microsoft Scandisk?

I am confused. Some people say speedisk is better while the others scandisk is better !!!

Which of them is BETTER & WHY?

Thanx in advance.

.Sorry !!! It was by mistake. I wanted to know the difference between Norton Disk Doctor & Microsoft Scandisk.

They r 2 different utilities. Norton Speedisk is a Defrag utility similar to Microsoft’s Defrag. Scandisk is an error checking utility. Norton also has an error checking utility called Disk Doctor. Which is better? I don’t know for sure. Depends on who you talk to. My experiences with Scandisk vs. Disk Doctor is they seem to work about the same. As far as Speedisk vs. Defrag my system seems to run a little slower after using Speedisk than it does after using Defrag. If you don’t already own Speedisk, then I’d just stick to Defrag from Microsoft. If you insist on getting it spend the extra money and buy the System Works package.

Speed disk is a defragmenter, while scan disk checks disks for errors.

I personally find that MS scandisk is slower and stops to report after every drive it checks, while Disk doctor will pit out reports at the end, which is good if you want to leave a the computer to be thouroughly checked overnight. Scandisk would stop in the middle and tell you all about the 1st partition, and won’t start scanning the second HD/partition until you read about about the 1st HSD/partitions problems.

I have edited & corrected the error in my post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I wanted to know, which is the BEST !!!

Norton Disk Doctor or Microsoft Scandisk???

Basically, they both do an equally good job, but scandisk comes with windows, but has some annoying features, like stopping and reporting after scanning a single disk, when told to check multiple disks.

Disk doctor just keeps on chugging unitl it finishes all disks, then reports. Handy if you want to let it scan large HD for surface errors overnight. Large HD’s can take upto 16Hrs, if using 60GB/80GB HD’s.

I have read on this forum that Scandisk is much better than NDD as it checks media descriptors (or something like that) & NDD does not.

For speed and ease I would go for NDD, but MS Scan Disk does a more thorough job. That being said though, they are very close in the level of desirability. The only reason I use MS over Norton is because it’s FREE.

You Give me Software Norton Utilities

I assume you mean that you prefer Norton Utilities and not requesting this commercial copyrighted software through our forum in this 5 year old thread…(on a very demanding tone I might add)