Norton recycle bin

hi chaps does norton have a recycle bin? and if so how do i go about emptying it? :confused:

mr belverdere you left a blank message

I would adivse also if you can or want to get rid of norton because it creates a space for itself on your HDD that takes up space rather then saving you space. I should know I used norton systemworks and didn’t release it til I went recover space and found when I uncheck hidden directory found it took up over 68Meg of HDD space just for the norton proctection directory. I thought this is a joke but no it was there so I proceeded to lookup the web and found the command to kill that directory norton created without my concent or knowledge.

ive been told norton is rubbish so wen it runs out soon im gettin something else other than norton, still wnw no if it has a recycle bin and how to empty it

Empty message? Try the following link then.

ive treid that , isnt there away of just goin in 2 norton and emptyin it?

that is the way to empty it, but go into options/advanced tools etc and turn it off

versions are different but it’s not that hard to figure out if you try