Norton Internet Security

I want to start my one year of free upates over without reinstalling it. There is some kind of registry edit and I can’t remember what it was. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks for the help.

Search for this without quotes ‘‘norton products update reviver’’ at


Thanks Sublime, but got two results and the don’t work. It looks for antivirus 5.0.

I have nis2001 installed and no norton antivirus and the
All Symantec Norton Products Update Reviver 1.02 from works fine fore me.

Update service expires in 365 days…lol

I have 2000 with antivirus installed. Maybe that’s the why. Not sure. Thanks

Does anyone know where you can download Norton stuff? Like utilities, antivirus, inet security and stuff?


they offer you to download ther products , and try them out before you buy them SS

then go search for the crack mentioned earlier in this tread … and there you go … you got the program all working

the Norton Products Update Definition Reviver v1.02

there ya go !