Norton Internet Security and AnyDVD

I am new to this forum and I tried to search but no luck. Anybody having a problem with Symantec and AnyDVD? I get some type of Symantec error after I install a new version. I have Norton Internet Security 2007.

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Is Symantec reporting that AnyDVD is trying gain online access?
AnyDVD may be trying to check for updates, and Symantec’s firewall hasn’t been told to give it access.

No. It runs fine until I update with the new version, shut the computer down, restart and then I get the Symantec error and everything locks up. I shut Norton down for an hr on this revision. Will activate Norton in about 20 minutes. I have restarted several times just to be sure.

Not sure which program you are updating.
Is it AnyDVD? If so each new version will require you to give permission, for it to gain online access, unless you uncheck “Automatically check for new AnyDVD Version” in the programs setting window.

Yes, AnyDVD. It locks the computer up. For the 601 update I just shut Norton off for 1 hr and then ran the program. Now 602 is up so I wll just save it and run it later. Everything freezes, e-mail, programs hotmail, everything. Since nobody else is experiencing this, it must be just a quirk with my system.

Bulldog3777 ,
I would uninstall Norton then use Norton’s removal tool to hopefully remove Norton Completely. Then I would d/l a free registry cleaner and clean the registry as that can also freeze up the computer. After doing this then re-boot and re-install Norton if you want to. I have not used Norton in 3 years as it is a resource Hog. You problem has nothing to do w/ AnyDVD. I really think the registry cleaning will do the trick for you though

No prior problems before updating to
If not was Norton running during the install? If so try uninstalling AnyDVD, (be sure to save keys), then reinstall with Norton disabled.

Never a problem with the locking up until about 3 weeks ago. Updated AnyDVD with one of the newer versions and it happened. My work around is just turned Norton off, updated, restart, turned Norton on and everything fine.

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