Norton Internet Security 2000



Looking fr crack/keygen.

Do you know where or do you have it?


Whell, I don’t know where to get the crack but I do now this. I tried live update and the auto protection will not turn on now, no matter what I do. Maybe it’s my system but you should be aware of this.



I did an autoupdate and mine works fine.



SoftHouse, mine did the same. Uninstall NIS, delete the registry entry, and reinstall.
Click “yes” to restart after install. This worked for me.


Does this program seem slow down your internet ? my home page loads real slow now i’m using netscape .


Yep, slows it a little, but so did AtGuard.
I think it’s taking the time to remove ads and java script.


I did that and it’s still slow.mostly my start up page . and i even tried changing that .It didn’t help though.


Yeah, we all got Atguard or @Guard but…
Can anybody help with a crack for the latest version 3.22 ?
Hell, I like Norton but I am not inclined to buy the Norton Internet Security pack incl. a AV-program which I already got with my Norton Systemworks.
I can find several cracks for ‘older’ versions of AtGuard but not the last one.
I will write your name in the Universe if you help me ! (in my mind)

“I don’t tip !”


I still have the full version of Norton Internet Securities on my account. It doesn’t have AV as part of it, only 11MB. E-mail me your username there, and I’ll send it to you.
It works exactly the same as atguard, but has updates.


I uninsalled nis and reinstalled it,changed my homepage and it seems better. I don’t know why but it but it does.


atguard 3.22 can be found at FOSSI’s


Try in astalavista (
but use for string “norton inet” not “internet”


Tnx guys, I’ve it.

Someone in this thread give me the fullversion.