Norton Internet Security 2000 needed please



Does any one know where i can download Norton Internet Internet Security 2000. I really need this utility and i would be grateful if any one can help. Thanx.


Ch5 Micky


Hey, I already have NIS… You want it ? Got cable, so I can rar-and-mail them…



And then there was nothing


eehmmmm how much MegaByte is it??


totaal of 86 MG


Thanx guys failing the e-mail options has any one of u got an i-drive account or filesanywhere account where large files can be transfered between.


Ch5 Micky


Administr8or i have a fast connection but can an e-mail attachment take 60MB?


Ch5 Micky


you can also use AtGuard, the predecessor of NIS, really rocks! Takes only 2M by email…give me a signal if you want it


Thanx dagg i have AtGuard may be i should use this, this should stop unwanted persons hacking my pc while online right?
Thanx for the info by the way.


Ch5 Micky


yes, it will surely stop unwanted traffic to/from your computer. Really set my mind to peace…
Below a short description taken from the help-file (if you haven’t read it already):

WRQ’s AtGuard is software that runs on your PC and monitors network traffic going in and out of your computer. Depending on how you have AtGuard configured, it can also step in and intervene in network connections and block data on your behalf. Specifically, it can:

· Block images (usually advertisements) that you don’t want to see
· Speed up web page loading
· Block refer field and cookies to reduce the amount of targeted advertising you receive
· Enhance your browsing privacy by blocking the User-agent and From fields sent to the server by your browser
· Allow you to customize what is shown on web pages that you visit often
· Prevent web pages from running Java applets, JavaScript, and ActiveX controls to reduce the number of advertising scripts that run and to increase your protection from potentially invasive programs

· Stop animated GIFs from cycling endlessly, reducing cache disk thrashing
· Keep track of various statistics as you surf the web, like how much data you’ve downloaded and how many cookies you would have sent back to web sites

· Prevent software from communicating with your computer or with remote computers without your knowledge or permission


Hi Dagg, I also have Black Ice Defender do u know if this is any Good?


Ch5 Micky


Allow me to answer,

atguard is much more complexer to configure but also much more effecter.
it takes more time to configure.

black ice is simple to configure just set him to paranoid and he’ ll alert you at any time. But its also very good.

Maybe you can use them both…


Thanx for the info R-N, i think i’ll use @tGuard.


Ch5 Micky


(online again)
don’t know about black ice, but as R-N_G says
AtGuard isn’t easy. Took me a few weeks to understand it and the firewall seems to work very good now. If you run into problems don’t hesitate to ask. Better though go to the forum of AtGuard users, they really understand it all…go to

good luck !


from overkill Junior Member of society forum

Norton Internet Security 2000, without NAV 2000.
It’s not the iso.
Post mail to receive url

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Thanx Vinculum, is there any thing missing from this version i.e will i b albe 2 use the live update version?

My e-mail is;


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