Norton ghost problems

hey there, ive been working on this for three days now to no avail, im hoping somebody here can help me

i installed norton ghost 9 to backup/upgrade to a new HD… i can copy the old HD over but cannot boot from it… when i set the new HD as master it boots up, but then hangs at the windows screen (not the splash screen with the progress bar at the bottom, but a blue screen with a windows logo on it)… another message board said this is a common problem with ghost

i have tried saving an image of the old HD to a 3rd HD and then trying to restore this image to the new HD, but get the following error “restore of U:C_Drive.v2i did not complete successfully. Cannot read data from the image file. Error EBAB0003: This feature is nt yet implemented. (0xEBAB0003).” … so does this version of ghost not support restoring from an image file?

i also made a ghost bootable DVD and booted up from it, it started the system recovery tool, i click on the “advanced recovery”, and then “system restore” and nothing happens… the computer just sits there… from what i understand it should be looking for an image to restore from, but it doesnt do anything

do any of you have any more ideas?

sounds like the backup u made wasn’t successful so it wont go past that windows screen you mentioned…if i had a choice i would use acronis true image…i’ve used it many times and it works great…never an issue

read this for some insight…may help some

Use the cloning utility that comes with the hard drive, they all have one. If it’s not on a disc with the drive, you can download it from the drive’s maker.

This is a common issue with Ghost. I never use it, but as I recall, the fix is to copy the entire drive, not just the partition. I believe there is some little setting for this in the program.

Be sure to do the integrity check of the Norton image before trying to restore. If the image fails the integrity check, which it sometimes can, then the image needs to be created until integrity check passes. The disk drive manufacturer utility suggested by CDan is probably an even easier solution.

i have used this program often to copy to a new drive with no problems. do not give the drive a letter after you format the new drive hope this helps

best rgards

I experienced the same problem with Norton Ghost and Acronis as well. I don’t know what the solution is, but wish someone could enlighten us.

I called Seagate when trying to clone a new harddrive with Acronis 8.0 and Ghost (10?) and XML and others. NONE of them would boot. Seagate tech said win XP systems had anti-copy features to prevent piracy. If that were true, then none of the clone programs would ever work and too many people report success, so “something” is going on.

Now I’m using Acronis 9.0 with the same non-success but I found that going into the recovery console and rebuilding the “master boot record” does fix the cloned image and everything works fine after that. A few extra steps, but its the only thing that works. /// Bobbo.